What Clients Say

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"Bill is a gifted teacher. He is techinically knowledgeable, skilled at conveying complex ideas, and patient in his approach. I recommend him highly".
Lee Davis, Calculus, Differential Equations & College Physics Student

"Bill is an extremely gifted tutor. His knowledge of math is essential, but even more important is his ability to explain concepts clearly. My daughter was very appreciative of the fact that he never lost patience with her or talked down to her, and was able to teach her so much".
Cheryl Dadik, Parent

"Perfect for home schooler".
"My son didn't have a geometry book. He didn't have a protractor... You get the idea. William arrived with a geometry book that was the exact one being used at the high school. He brought his own tools and told us where to get the items my son needed. Despite his high level of intelligence, he was able to explain concepts to my son is an easy to understand manner. I would highly recommend him".
Edith H., Driftwood, TX

"William worked with my daughter when she was having trouble with her AP Calculus class. He was familiar with all her material and was able to determine where she was having difficulties and explain the information in a clear, understandable way. He also helped her prepare for the SAT Math II subject test. He helped her determine methods to solve the problems more quickly while avoiding unnecessary calculations. He is a good overall math instructor that can help people in many math subjects".
Nancy H., Austin, TX

"I just want to tell you, thank you, thank you, thank you for helping my daughter "get" algebra! The best money ever spent!"
Jo S., Houston, TX